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Beverly Hills Beignet, BH Beignet began its journey in the fall of 2015 in New Orleans while Maggie Finneran was accompanying her son on his move into Tulane University located in New Orleans LA.  While stopping for the infamous Café DuMonde beignets, it was love at
first bite! She took that inspiration of the classic 1930’s French style beignet and added an epicurean and modern day twist to this little pastry.  Working with Lincoln Carson, one of the country’s most prestigious pastry chefs, they curated what is now the small batch BH Beignet menu.

It took several months to develop just the right pastry dough and curate an experience for our customers that would involve both sweet and savory decadence.   The beignets and our well-rounded, house made dipping sauces are made from all the world’s best ingredients, including King Arthur flour, Plugra cultured butter, Valhrona and Guittard chocolates, Neuske bacon and Maldon sea salt.  BHB also sources the freshest seasonal fruits from local farmers, premium bourbon and rare compounded spices from all over the world.

BH Beignet is devoted to making the best beignets and bringing people together. It’s what gets us out of bed in the morning and keeps us up late at night. We believe that you can grow a business as a community of people, with artful attention to detail and the customer experience, all while continuously getting better at the same time. Those REALLY decadent beignets, served perfectly in a sophisticated, artisan hand crafted space, with attentive and in the moment service, brings people together and help them connect. We like to make people feel good.




"As for flavors, think options like the Country Life, Nuseke bacon wrapped inside a beignet served with maple bourbon honey dipping sauce, and the savory Field, roasted artichoke fritters with Meyer lemon aioli."  Eater LA

 “Little Santa Monica has long been a place where people come from near and far to satiate their sugar cravings. Amidst all the shops that bake, frost and churn tasty sweets lies Beverly Hills Beignet, a pastry shop that specializes in the deep-fried, French dessert and is prepared by renowned pastry chef, Lincoln Carson. Stop in for a traditional beignet topped off with powdered sugar and hint of cinnamon, or try their one of their unique twists on this classic dessert like the roasted artichoke fritter with lemon aioli.”  Time Out

"Of course, there will be the classic version for traditionalists, simply topped with powdered sugar and a touch of cinnamon."  C Magazine

 "That experience translates into a beignet menu that runs from the classic powdered sugar version to more creative takes like the Nuseke bacon-stuffed iteration that is served with maple bourbon honey dipping sauce.” Eater LA

 "We know what you're thinking -- New Orleans is the only beignet town on this side of the Atlantic. Think again, because Beverly Hills Beignet is doing heavenly things to the sugar-coated pastry puffs." Thrillist LA


9527 S Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA 90210


Sunday 10am • 7pm
Monday 10am • 7pm
Tuesday 10am • 7pm
Wednesday 10am • 7pm
Thursday 10am • 7pm
Friday 10am • 8pm
Saturday 10am • 8pm



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PHONE: 310-278-8164