"As for flavors, think options like the Country Life, Nuseke bacon wrapped inside a beignet served with maple bourbon honey dipping sauce, and the savory Field, roasted artichoke fritters with Meyer lemon aioli."  Eater LA

 “Little Santa Monica has long been a place where people come from near and far to satiate their sugar cravings. Amidst all the shops that bake, frost and churn tasty sweets lies Beverly Hills Beignet, a pastry shop that specializes in the deep-fried, French dessert and is prepared by renowned pastry chef, Lincoln Carson. Stop in for a traditional beignet topped off with powdered sugar and hint of cinnamon, or try their one of their unique twists on this classic dessert like the roasted artichoke fritter with lemon aioli.”  Time Out

"Of course, there will be the classic version for traditionalists, simply topped with powdered sugar and a touch of cinnamon."  C Magazine

 "That experience translates into a beignet menu that runs from the classic powdered sugar version to more creative takes like the Nuseke bacon-stuffed iteration that is served with maple bourbon honey dipping sauce.” Eater LA

 "We know what you're thinking -- New Orleans is the only beignet town on this side of the Atlantic. Think again, because Beverly Hills Beignet is doing heavenly things to the sugar-coated pastry puffs." Thrillist LA